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Export for brake parts

for all common vehicles

Georg R. Becker

What do you need?

Please let us have your inquiry along with the respective Original Part Number (OE)
We shall do the necessary for you.

100 % consultation

Should you need our help so you can contact us by e-mail or send us a drawing and details of the vehicle in order to find out the right answer to your query.

Fast delivery

Through our regular contact to our partners, we can guarantee a quick delivery.

We can deliver the following products:


Brake Pads – Brake Shoes – Brake Discs – Brake Drums – Brake Cables – Brake Fluid –

Brake Hoses – Sensors for ABS – Master Cylinders – Clutch Cylinders

The delivery is carried out by our partner companies.

Please contact us:

+49 172 670 22 81

We shall be delighted to extend our assistance to you as quick as possible.

In case of urgency,
feel free to contact us by phone:
+49 172 670 22 81
or send us an e-mail:

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